Nature Coconut Soy Candle - Nến thơm từ gáo dừa khô

Thương hiệu: CocoCan
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from the Ben Tre province of Vietnam, the coconut crafts enable sustainable living for local villagers while inspiring an eco-friendly living to the global community. The candle and jute pouches are made from eco-friendly material for a guilt-free indulge while also supporting artisans in rural Vietnam. This candle will burn for an approximately 50 hours.

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Phương thức thanh toán

Jungle Culture works with small producers, family-run farms, and artisanal craftsman in rural Vietnam to bring eco-friendly products carefully crafted with organic materials. They've established a supply chain for the global community to help enrich rural Vietnam communities and provide a sustainable income for developing and low-income villages.


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